2015 Quilt Camp Challenge

For those wanting to participate, we have an Arrow Rock Quilt Camp 2015 Challenge.

“Black, White Plus One”

Item may be a wall hanging, table runner, quilt or other item, any size.

Colors:  Black,, white plus one other color.  You may include shadings of black, white or the third color, but no fourth color is allowed.

The completed projects will be displayed for everyone’s enjoyment and we will have an informal judging at Camp 2015.  Hope everyone has fun with this challenge!

“Rules” for the Challenge:

  • You must be registered at Quilt Camp 2015 to be eligible for the prizes.
  • There are three categories:

1) Item larger than 40″ x 60″   

  • Best of Show, $50.00

  • 2nd Place, $25.00

2) Item smaller than 40″ x 60″   

  • Best of Show, $50.00
  • 2nd Place, $25.00
3) Most unusual use of fabric
  • Best of Show, $25.00

Can’t wait to see these!